Short Stories

Stories purely imagined

Gentleman in the Station

The Cochin express was delayed by two hours and it did not take long before situation went out of control in the ticketing counter.

A Suitable Girl

His parents are looking for a suitable girl, for Samir, but he falls for his mother's pedicurist.

Canvas for the Dead

I lead an unusual life with my unusual occupation, and all I want is to be 'me' in peace. Too much to ask?

Canvas for the Dead

Revised and hopefully better.


“Why stew?” I protested. “There are Mushrooms in the fridge!” “Mushrooms won’t do…with all the cough and cold going on, stew is what we need.” My mother-in-law said.

Drowsy City

A bankrupt man finally finds a successful business!

The walk of Freedom

A boy who'd been abducted by Maoists, finally frees himself. This story is waaaay outside my comfort zone.