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Conceived in an alley born in a cave raised on seaweed. Spent my early years on a roofrack. Left School at 10 caught by truant officer back at school by 11. I'm a twin of two others and I can play several instruments in my head and none with my hands. My first job was part time I painted the odd numbers on dice. I made a career out of avoiding a career.  My body is a temple often prodded by archeologists.


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My suitcase is tired But it hides the tears I know it’s had enough Been this way for years We’ve been through tough times We’ve slept out in the cold...

Build a Bonfire

They’re closing all our libraries Putting a dam in the stream Prisoners are not allowed to read And workers have no right To dream Aspirations are...

Working Class Tories (mean nothing to me) apologies to John Lennon

There’s a breed of people walking this land Dreaming of status and living life grand It’s all about me so give no one a hand A working class tory is...
Gold cherry

The Brothel Keepers

An old man I used to work with On a building site Asked me if I was political Asked if I was left or right I looked him in the eye And told him...


I see them in different shapes And sizes Pockets emptied Of any surprises I see them in different Towns And Cities Shoulders shed Of self pity...