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Conceived in an alley born in a cave raised on seaweed. Spent my early years on a roofrack. Left School at 10 caught by truant officer back at school by 11. I'm a twin of two others and I can play several instruments in my head and none with my hands. My first job was part time I painted the odd numbers on dice. I made a career out of avoiding a career.  My body is a temple often prodded by archeologists.


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Works Night Out

It’s not called a disco anymore It’s a club A works do coerced me I’m too old to be young at heart My prejudices are like tattoos So I pretended not...
Gold cherry

Jingle Balls

The jingles play loud Seducing the crowd With the cheesiest shit From the musically dead But you’re easily led By the costumes and bells And the crap on the shelves That you know you don’t need But you can’t stop the greed Merry Christmas

Guilt of the Rubicon line

You can’t go back To where you don’t belong There’s no sentimental journey Heading back to the ranch If your family tree has no history Just a...

A boys mind at fourteen

A boys mind at fourteen Is something that should be seen All those butterflies Aching to be released Every word queuing up Is an arrow waiting to fly...

The Campaign Trail

When the Chain grips the cogs And you Throw us to the dogs Will you Recycle the lies And wear Your old school ties As you Hoist up the sails To go On...