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Conceived in an alley born in a cave raised on seaweed. Spent my early years on a roofrack. Left School at 10 caught by truant officer back at school by 11. I'm a twin of two others and I can play several instruments in my head and none with my hands. My first job was part time I painted the odd numbers on dice. I made a career out of avoiding a career.  My body is a temple often prodded by archeologists.


My stories


Rainbows End

I once knew a man called Rainbow he was tall and thin. His trousers hung on to him like a koala bear hugging a tree, his shoes were too big for his...

When I think of you

When I think of you I think of arguments Of hanging by fingertips To old sentiments We were far too young Trying to be too old We were ill prepared...

Nobody Says a Word (Fukushima)

The silence is never broken There’s no birdsong in the morning And the waves dig their claws Into the wounds The oceans were innocent But bullied...

The Cave Dwellers

Whilst men are pulling triggers In the race to depart this earth We are applauding our sales figures And smiling at what we are worth We manufacture...


They say if you see a magpie flying alone It is a sorrowful sign Maybe it’s just fallen out of love And wants to take a little time To ponder what...