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I have 28 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Manual diagnostic

Here I go, here lies the millionth attempt to write from a place of truth, no song or dance, no scattered attempts of diguise, just a raw recolection...

Mother knows best, a breastfeeding tale.

Mother and I lay down on our side, so that mother can feed me with love and pride, drink, drink, drink I must I know, so that into a brave woman I...

Split. (A short part of what im working on)

Hope had drowned, I stared into the mirror looking at the withered stranger standing before me, her eyes were a void of despair, sinking in their own pain, a light I had once prided myself on had turn

A quote of my own that I could live by.

"The person we pretend to become will oneday become us, and all the frivolities of the past will soon enough be lost, like our former selfs".

You are my creation.

I am addicted My lines are harsh yet beautiful I shape you, perfect you and search for you. I have been drawing an angel.