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Mandolin strummer in a folk-rock band 'Dante'


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Alongside The envelope was cut clear from the blue of the carpet. K stooped to pick it up. He was turning to deposit it beside the phone when...
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Rain spat bitterly, and the wind buffeted him along. The shop windows carried Tom's blurry reflection under veils of condensation, slipping in and...
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The headlights picked out individual snowflakes, quivering cotton drops spliced from the gauzy storm and suspended in their yellow orbs. 'You have to...

Lamb - 2/2 Across a perpetual pitch-black ocean the Lamb drifted, centrifuge rotating in elegiac sweeps as...

Lamb - 1/2

They split from the chattering group, ducking under the perimeter fence to huddle at the base of the temple. He shrugged off his schoolbag and...


89 of my comments have received 93 Great Feedback votes

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captured these moments with

Posted on Wed, 14 Jan 2015

captured these moments with lovely, delicate subtle word combinations...lines like reaching through the drivers door/to conjure up a metallic scraping/until the engine bubbled into life/like a mountain spring bottling these little cameos, as you...

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Posted in The Mechanic

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wow, this is wonderful;

Posted on Sun, 01 Feb 2015

wow, this is wonderful; condensed so much backstory&possibilities&images into such a short piece, just absolutely the right words. that last paragraph is absolutely gorgeous. lovely title too. look forward to following more of your work...

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Posted in What the sky said

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pink plumed stiff quiffed, 

Posted on Sun, 11 Jan 2015

pink plumed stiff quiffed,  pan-sticked pale as a vampire, many excellent descriptions, vivid lively edgy&sparky writing, you are in a wonderful creative moment :-)

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Posted in Tin Girl

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Wow this had a lot of impact.

Posted on Tue, 02 Dec 2014

Wow this had a lot of impact. Clearly a v hard subject but I think it is wonderful as well to be able to convey these things in this way and gain a better and more compassionate understanding through reading and think it over and apply in your...

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Posted in Breaking Glass

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skilfully done,very immersive

Posted on Fri, 17 Feb 2017

skilfully done,very immersive and dreamlike. very much like your style. I liked the emptiness of 'forever picking up dust' and 'flies thumb window panes' in particular, but lovely original phrases throughout ...

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Posted in The Shady House

1 Vote

Very tender and a hit on the

Posted on Mon, 22 Aug 2016

Very tender and a hit on the senses - economical but clinical word choice throughout - dry, looping, yellowing, scrambling... 'Your shoes still turn inwards - ' is beautiful observation projected. 

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Posted in The Return

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Good work, very effective.

Posted on Thu, 18 Aug 2016

Good work, very effective. You describe these feelings and events with empathy and great attention to detail and it translates in the reading... liked the anthropomorphic shadow too, worked well. 

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Posted in Eighteen part one

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Loved.the control of words

Posted on Tue, 02 Feb 2016

Loved.the control of words and use of sound throughout, particularly s sounds pulling me into the environment... some lovely compounds too, cloud-bursting weirs, pressure-whoosh, excellent work :)

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Posted in The Softening of Storms

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I liked the feel of this, and

Posted on Sun, 31 Jan 2016

I liked the feel of this, and the thoughts amongst the water images. Particularly enjoyed Where shuddering grasses(lovely)/Offer yellow jewels to the sun(also lovely)/And muddy waters pass/As though I'd never been or gone, v lovely final line....

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Posted in Seen from a distance

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Germans it is! Cheers insert,

Posted on Tue, 12 Jan 2016

Germans it is! Cheers insert, will sort that later (or start a new genre, historical (-ly inaccurate) fiction)

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Posted in As long as sea beats on stone