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I have 17 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
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My stories

Magdela's Doorway (Lizard Man Narrative #2)

A thought occurred to him: What if he could remove the obstacle to Katulu's suffering? Like removing a stone from a river so that perhaps that which troubled him would flow clean and he might wake upon his own volition. The lizard man breathed deeply and then exhaled in a silent sigh, as he felt a new decision pull at him. He held the staff high and with great force called out in his mind: I call upon my silent helpers

The Lizard Man, Narrative # 1

He stood over Katulu and suddenly felt the true worth of his vigil. He thought of the child's mother again. What a mystery this all was. He never chose this, never wanted children, for in a way he felt like he was never a child himself, and yet how could he reject such an unlikely gift from creation's song, especially when he knew that this child would one day carry some of his most precious memories...

When I Was Created

When I was created for the first time, I was present at the origin of creation. I felt my mother and father make love to create me, And I felt pure...

Bones at the Base of the Mountain (song)

Bones at the base of the mountain… …Standing tall and majestically…. Mmmmmmmm, polished ivory There’s a life that never fades Bones from a ….distant...

First Winter Day

Sunrise casts its first rays upon the tips of the trees. Sun remains low all day, a glow just barely over the horizon, It is a warm yellow light that...