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Unlikely Conversations with an Ordinary Man

The first time I met Jimbo was not particularly memorable. He was just a middle aged man with a close cropped salt and pepper beard and a dirty...

The Time my 6-year-old Sister Met Neem Karoli Baba

One time my mom was given a book about a mysterious enlightened wise-man who lived in India. The cover of the book showed a very kind man wrapped in...

The Custodian of the Temple Garden & Albino Moon Eyes The Snake

A young monk studying at the Temple of the Blue Flame happens across a book of trantra. Meanwhile, he developes an unlikely relationship with an amphibious snake and decides to take her as a 'familiar.' (Ae-Jah narrative #1)

'The Firmament.'

G a ia! - She is a pure planet ! And here we are in a land of ten thousand trees. ...Can you see the ' firmament ' ? - Firmament? Chamomile Tea was confused. The word did not translate well her mind. What does that mean? ...It is something that the ancient ones referred to: 'The dome that holds the heavens up.' Can you feel it over the mountain, yes?

Magdela's Doorway (Lizard Man Narrative #2)

A thought occurred to him: What if he could remove the obstacle to Katulu's suffering? Like removing a stone from a river so that perhaps that which troubled him would flow clean and he might wake upon his own volition. The lizard man breathed deeply and then exhaled in a silent sigh, as he felt a new decision pull at him. He held the staff high and with great force called out in his mind: I call upon my silent helpers