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Rob Wheeldon

His photo is ,over ten years old its my portait of Dorain Gray you youthful good looking bugger. Never judge a book by its cover

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The empty chairs

Three chairs sit empty on Christmas Day In decades past my nearest family Sat their in the front room Munching on spouts and pulling crackers They to...

The sword of Damocles

The sword of Damocles What joy can you have from the horn of plenty ? The sweetest grapes taste bitter Againist wraths fortitude Be careful what you...

The automatic is just what happens

I have no say in it I play no part in it I did nt vote on it I did nt join its fan club It just happens And will go on happening “It’s okay to not be...

The rites of Spring

Pollen in the air baby lambs in the fields The structure of the universe infused betwixt the line and verse The tuneless note within the soul The...

The broodmoor social

We all met in the pub In the old kings road A brand new story to be told Passed on by those in the know Though the broodmoor gates Fake tan White van...