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Christmas memories

"250 words" comp

A Deal With The New Devils. Part 1

About a president preparing his country for a different kind of address to his nation.

Different, Yet So A like

Heart pumping, breathing rapid, That's how I am, when I think About texting you. My eyes open wide while they Dance to the tune of excitement, Just as my mouth turns up

Sixteen, And My Eighteen year Old Beauty Queen

No one told me, it would Be hard or what do to do When a girl you like starts Telling you how to style your Hair, or what clothes to wear. I like her...

In A Flash Its Gone

I was blind to see,what was clear As day to any one but me. Our path to an happy life dissolving Faster than my early morning Cup Of ice tea. We...

Happy Christmas My Abc Family :)

I want to wish all you wonderful writers,friends, family :) on this fantastic site, a really happy,fun, safe Christmas :))))) Trish x