Alchemical Delights

A collection of arcane verse



Those incongruously red hills and valleys hide a lovely yet disturbing secret.


Don't worry, love, I won't bite you. Not too hard, anyway.


I come to you and you freeze, bitter and poised like a praying mantis plotting all possible futures on the tawdry graph of life.

Alchemical Reverie

And now, in the milky cloud of his worship for you and only you I sense a luminescence seldom seen, a delicacy rarely tasted and almost never known completely.

All The Sixes, Six Six Six

It is good to be a satyr and a Saxon, a scholar and a sentimental fool in the same jumbled package, I think.


I had an inkling that I would find you here at the bottom of the undulating cow pasture carpeted with magic mushrooms and destroying angels.

Blood Rock

standing blood rocks proud with lintels of blue-grey Welsh slate

Perfect Pandemonium

Just for you, here's a love song.

The Drowning Pool

A poem about water spirits

Oh, Oh What A Girl

nevertheless we chose that special time to mix our magical elixirs,


The spring has sprung, and the huntress sets her wicked toothed traps


A sweet tale of love.


The fluids within your secret chambers vary from crystal clear to inky black, from amber to the dusty blue of your eyes.

Words 2

Words clashed in his head, warmed him, hurt him or merely teased and made him smile, their multifaceted meanings lost on the wind or disbelieved.


When mortally wounded the anointed seek soil from within like vampires craving native earth.

My Pretty

Look again. Look closer. No, silly, that's not nearly close enough.....

Equine Dream

As the dawn was breaking I dreamed a dream of three sentient beings rustling in the straw of a shadowy stable.


Mystery Babylon the great, mother of harlots and sundry abominations of the Earth. Is this a mystery to you?

Valley Of The Kings

In the shade of this lost valley

When I'm Gone

I long to hear the pitter-patter-fizz of acid rain eroding the dank roof my mausoleum.

My Lady

My lady hides her precious face under the busiest thoroughfare, a conveniently frantic place where bustling humanity mostly fails to suspect her presence.

The Candle

The tables are turning.....

Under Trees

The dream was of words lost in woodland amongst fulsome, grinning fairytale trees.....