Bridges and Chimneys

2014 poems.



I think that’s Giovanni outside. Texting. At a table by himself. He hoped locals would refer to this as ‘the piazza.’ There used to be a lady playing...

I have fallen in love with someone beautiful

She is an illustrator of children's books obviously

I love this storm

I love this storm It’s interfering with my TV aerial Wi-fi has a walking stick and needs help crossing the road Storm clouds sob and sob the sky is...
Gold cherry

Jed's in LA

"Stick it on the company credit card" Jed says, laughing. His cleaner is making him a sandwich while he’s on his lilo, Skyping. He’s talking to his...
Gold cherry

Kylie Internet Dating

In an interview recently Kylie Minogue said that although she would like to meet someone new she had ruled out internet dating. This is a poem about...

Must kill President

I have never assassinated before never even killed a dog.

Oceans and mountains and space

You and me sitting back to back reading each other's favourite books on a piece of land equidistant from my house to yours in the garden of a church...

Our daughter the terrible painter

The trouble with dreams is one day you may realise you have no talent. And what then? Take our daughter the terrible painter with plans of art...

Police Interceptors

This is what my life is now watching Police Interceptors on Channel 5 waiting for the voiceover to tell me the driver of the runaway Audi who took...
Gold cherry

Probably start a poetry night

It’s nights like this I think about Whitby. Whitstable

The man who sells roses

The man who sells roses has never given his girlfriend a rose. The man who used to make up bed time stories to read his little girl at bedtime now...

You don't buy furniture

You go from unfurnished house to unfurnished house rarely more than a year in each often not your fault but blame becomes less relevant with age. The...