The green man's alter ego

a cabaret of verisimilitude

Nether Hambleton

only its name preserving its shape in a ashen cobweb of sound, wistful and delicious as if heard whispered on a marsh wind.

Blue Sky Thinking

Boxing Day at Stansted; each expression is the scab-picked wound of a Christmas too quickly spent.


“It’s fine, my boy – Mummy’s treatment is a game of Space Invaders very nearly won.”


in the garden below, cats discuss ownership in electrically synthed voices

The future of wit is in wifi

90’s internet technology precluded humour; the bing-bing-brrrrs of a 56k modem wear thin after the third dial-up, and twitter’s 140 characters elicit waffle. Better to

Retirement options for tube trains: #5 Potters Bar

This wheat field on our right – like a crumpled duvet of pinstripes would’ve been the last thing 6 of them saw

The lifts at the BBC

They have speakers which pipe in News 24 in a slightly-more-left-than-right-wing nod to Nineteen Eighty-Four. They’re shabby, but it’s OK because it’...