Learning to Run

Burnt Orange

Sometimes I drive a little too fast Just to regain that moment When you lay your head on my shoulder And I held the steering wheel for you Pitch dark...


The avocado sits on the wooden cutting board, ripe and ready to be eaten. I could spoon Dijon mustard onto it, a little salt and lemon and eat it up, standing there in my quiet kitchen, alone.


photographs and minispeakers your guitar playing while I pray lipbalm and toothbrush candles burning down walking for miles and miles in the water but never reaching the sea

Cheers, Darling

Here's to three years of feeling old, tired and overused Here's to wishing a car would run me over, rather than keep hiding in my room from you


it looks like, my love, there are many ways to break my heart put an ocean between us telephone wires twisted mouths that chew insides of lips waiting for a sign

You're Not Always What You Say

I understand this is just a fling. Don't worry, I won't get attached or turn psycho on you. It's all good.

Twenty Seven

Now I’m rebuilding buildings lost in our fights and fires, remembering how my hands spread out like maps on your back

The Red Dress Left Behind

I am sad, mama, I am sad all the time. In my dreams, I put on my red dress and sway my way through the shallow waters.
Gold cherry

The Grave

Repeat the words over and over again. Someone hands you a small booklet, the Arabic words printed in beautiful, woven calligraphy, letters dancing so gracefully, but you are not.

Perfect Shell

I brought you a perfect shell back from the beach Sweet in its curl, sharp in its cut Ivory white Unharmed, whole I gave it to you In the hope you’d see My gift was whole Like me
Story of the week


Like a burning flame cradled between her hands, you lit her up. You were made together, and together you made a beautiful mess

Secret Garden

written to 'Secret Garden'.


In the dark I reach for the light switch But find an absent space instead My heart is in my gut Beating sick/loud/uncontrollable I'm in the dark And my lungs are closing in

The Shirt on the floor

You left me undone Like the bed that lies open Waiting for your return Like my arms left wide open Cradling an absent shape You left me unspoken And now I can't find the words

The Kindness of Strangers

Dina came rising out of the dark with a wooden plank across her back like Jesus Christ on the crucifix.


You have to understand that I've given up this boat has rocked back and forth drifting without an anchor for a year now And you seem fine You fit the...