Life In A Flash

Just a few tales, some sad, some bad, some funny, some heartwarming.


The Power of the mind.

Awake At Dawn

A Flash of Horror.

Bugger Bognor

To Quote a famous Phrase. A little flash of poignant humour
Story of the week


Written for a flash challenge, the prompt word was singular. when it won I was delighted. I have only recently begun to write prose. I would really like some feedback on this please.

Numbers Up

Elsie got a little more than she had bargained for on her birthday...

Walnut Whip

Another little piece of flash. A happy one this time.

Divine Inspiration

This is a comedic piece of flash written for a challege, I'm not sure if I'm breaking the copyright Laws though perhaps someone will tell me and I'll whip it off!

Take Me home...

“What was it about this beautiful planet that turned a strong and vibrant being into a gibbering wreck ?”

The Party

A talking head written in format for TV as a monologue to camera. Yas a middle aged woman with two daughters by her first marriage. Is bored by her second marriage and her safe life


Thinking back to those post war days over 60 years ago. I recoil at the cruelty of some teachers in those times I’m not talking about physical cruelty but downright vindictiveness.

Wrong Headed

“What do they know? All they are interested in is a sensational story to sell their papers”


A little flash of horror.

The Rusty Nail

Would I ever understand boys? a tale from long ago featuring my brother's Degs and Podge and me.. Mu!

The Window Of Delight

I tried to tell this tale with the eyes of an African child, with innocence,without clutter of politics, the doubt that comes with adulthood. Clear away the cag there's a serious question here.

Food For A Thief

Another snippet from childhood, featuring Podge and Degs (-;

Guardian Of The Home

Some people have far too much energy and are never satisfied

Grubby Gert

We didn't mean any harm, we didn't know...

Nostalgia and Moving House

Finding something that you thought was lost can stir the memory too.

Yellow Peril In The Country

Someone's getting her comeuppence!