Life's Funny Little Foibles

Some observations of life and its strange denizens.


Tomorrow Never Comes

A little philosophy

A Handy Journey

Tongue in cheek look...

A Quartet of Triolet

The Triolet is a French poetic form


The bane of my life Meniere's disease it rears up now and then, I'm allergic to the medicine I ride out an attack as best I can. The best way to deal with it is to poke fun hence this daft poem.


Written for a challenge, A different take on the word Bankrupt.

Boiled Fish

Must be the silly season...

Christmas Trails… Or Trials ( A slight Re-write)

When I was a child Christmas would tip toe gently in. Its journey beginning with Advent In Sunday school, the first week of December. From then on anticipation built

Coming With Age

A lesson learned


She looked astounded as laughter exploded around her.

The View Across the Street

A passing observation

People Watching

An undeniable pleasure.


This was just a passing observation while re -visiting the city of my birth sometime ago. NOT in any way a personal or political statement.

Oh Do Shut Up !

An attempt at the Inspiration point. I'm not sure if I have it right. I hope someone may feel like telling me. Edited 11/11/08


I hope this will speak for itself...

The Gardener

This is a true story, it happened in 1958, and it still makes me smile ((-;

Little Things

A whimsical memory.

Etude in F******Major

An old one Etude…It sure sounded like one to me when I wrote it after weeks of writer's block

Etcetera,Etcetera, Etcetera

Written recently for a challenge. The prompt word was Vane/vein/vain. 1, 2, or all 3

Pattern of My Life

Another written for a challenge pattern, the Prompt word. I had written it in a pattern but couldn't format it here.

He Wears Me!

Still ticking!!!

Patsy 1958

It's sad but true...


A poem

The weirdest Dream...

They say Dream of the dead, trouble with the living, only this time it didn't seem so.

Who?...What?... Where?...

Something my husband is aways complaining about. An acrostic poem

Silent Is My Muse

Just when I thought she had deserted me again, she slinks silently back!

Shall I Compare Thee

Apologies to the Bard If my husband ever got poetic, it would be to this Model his passion would be directed and would go something like this I find myself wishing I had four wheel drive too!

Waiting In Line

A snippet

It Doesn't Matter Which...

Foot stamping... Letting off steam, whatever!


A Legend to make you smile

It Gets Us All In The End

This weeks IP Xanthic= yellowish in the OED Editied slightly 8/2/09

The Lie

It just keeps getting bigger

Moon Shadows

A piece of whimsy

Remembering Fountains Abbey

Written for a challenge at UKA, the prompt was a picture of a teddy bear

Millie's Story

My last sub was a bit grim, so here is a silly fun piece.

Echoes Of Guilt

just a poem... Slightly re-worked thanks to Mistakenmagic. (:

Fear of Fear

A go at this weeks IP

I've Lost Mine

This is my winning responce to this weeks challenge over at UKA. The prompt word was Doohickey and this was my first go at any kind of challenge in a very long time.

Green Girl Of The Sixties

A piece of nonsense, written for a challenge on another site.

Kissing The Air

Mmmmmmmwa xxx

Xenophobic Taste Buds

This was written for a challenge, the prompt was xenophobia. This is just a bit of fun. Deffinitely no offence was or is intended.