New Short Stories

Yay - let's start writing some new ones! Ok, so there is only one in here at then moment, but I hope to create a whole pile of 'em in the very near future....

Story of the week

Lust, Fist-Fights and British Seaside Resorts

We were almost at Southend. Mum had fallen asleep five minutes into the journey, and she now sat, head lolling backwards, mouth open and arms folded.
Story of the week

Anchoas y Agonia

Manuela stared out of the canning factory window and thought about Mount Buciero. That dark beast she had loved as a child was calling to her.

Byron's Timing

He woke with a jolt. The alarm was slowly beeping, the glow-in-the-dark hands visible in the half light read 6am.

Word Gets Around

He watched as his girlfriend descended down the stairs in skin-tight jeans and a spotless white sweater, also adorned with a matching blue embroidered horse, the mare to his stallion.

Save Some Space for Dessert

Buzz is about to step out into the bright lights of a product launch with a bunch of cue cards he’s not allowed to use, a sneaking suspicion he might be sick and the knowledge that the expectations of Cosmos Aeronautics’ Board of Directors is high, to say the least.