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I have 48 stories published in 4 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 26444 times and 17 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Jo Garwood

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You are that hard stone in my heart now Right at the bottom That makes itself known Every time I have to hear your name Or see your face That stone...

In the kitchen again

I would start cooking again for you Re-label the spices, re-read the books Use every single pan From every single hook I’d start setting alarms again...
Pick of the Month

At sea with you

I want it to happen again I want to wade right out Into the middle of your life No raft, no float, no arm bands

Big Ben Monster

Guess where I live? No luck? Guess again! It's fantastic and it's marvellous I live inside Big Ben! Big Ben is really the bell of course Bet you...

Pickpocket Monster

I'll tiptoe up behind you You'll barely know I'm there I'll nick your sweets and your money I'll swipe your teddy bear I'll charm you with my smile...