pete de poet

This collection houses my attempts at writing poetry.

Ditty of the Pscho Kitty

a poem about a mean pschotic cat

Let Me Out

A chilling Edgar Alan Poe type poem about a gravedigger lamenting the day he buried someone alive. Probably the few poems I am proud to showcase.


This is a poem I wrote during a flight from Australia to New Zealand. Rose Bay is a Suburb in Sydney, NSW Australia


something in between an Acrostic Septet Magnum Opus and an accosted September magnificent Octopus.

ode to a dentist

agony in the chair

The Conflict Cometh

Bullets fly, people die, War has come your way

The Vicious Circle of Brittle Leaves

Leaves so brittle, fallen from the trees above; Trampled underfoot by wandering minstrels. Their music calming in savage beasts of wrath! Ravaging...

Where is the wolf

Woof-woof where is the wolf? The wolf is in Werewolf woods, Where wolves wear werewolf-underwear, And werewolves wear wolf-underwear. When the wolves...

Where is the Cat?

Cat, Cat, where goes the cat, That lives in our flat? To buy a new hat, From a vampire bat. But when he arrives at the store; Named Top Hats Galore,...

A Centipede went to K-mart

A centipede went to Kmart, For one thousand pairs of shoes. She chose all different colours; Reds, and whites, and blues. She also bought spare laces...