A Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man

All sorts of stuff has happened to me during the course of my lifetime so far. It's not all been good but it's not all been bad either and in any event I can always find something to raise a smile. So I'm writing it all down and putting it here ... slowly ... so bear with me if you will ... please!

Gold cherry
Pick of the Month

Chocolate, Tobacco and Horse Muck

Each day, as the factory whistle blew at noon, he dashed leisurely home from work on his bicycle to have his dinner because dinner was always eaten...

Time (Clock of The Heart)

‘That one’s five hundred quid mate, but I could probably let you have it for four eighty,’ said the very gaunt looking man pointing to the clock that...

Keeping Teeth and Kidneys for Beginners

According to my team of researchers, Bulgaria has the cheapest beer in the world. At least one bottle of rakia, that well known cure-all,...