Steel and Stones May Break My Bones

Mini Collection

Terminal Stretch

Nursery crime rates pay For the high-rise temples Unserviced lifts to vain gods In piss-pool examples of Consistency In Planning incontinence;

About change

Small poem, repost, edited.

Art of Cooking

Wetstone ground, rasped in smooth small circles; You taught us how to hone a sliver of hate to a glint, Slip point 'twixt gristle and bone as hens' bane;



Cathedral Town

Poem/ edited 14.08.12

Charcoal Dreaming

Inspiration Point pitch black/minor edit 3.8.10

CityScapes and Towpaths

For M, another year

Daytime Viewing

When she remembers not to think, Paving stone cracks fade away. She wanted no division or delineation In her eye comfort Of Cool Grey

From the top deck

IP High Life


Trick Flicker Frequency

Masonry marks

You raged, 'I love you' Raised ranges, gouged vales. Earthspell scriven as granite tales. Before blood, axe, hearth and bone; this was elder, scored in stone. Culture, father,


'The act of grinding on a blue stone is called "whittening"'


How we bend.