A Tightrope Walk

Falling to your death

Arse Licking - The Sequel - Back for More - 200 words

I tried to stay away but at the rehearsal for the village panto he was there. “I’ll be the back of the cow,” he said, “you be the front.”

Arse Licking 3!

The following week while my girlfriend is out on a line-dancing evening I invite Steve around to watch Match of the Day.

Arse Licking 4

Steve arrives just as my girlfriend is leaving. “Alright Sandra,” he says. “Nice lipstick.” “Thanks. You boys enjoy Match of the Day.”

Bob and Dwayne - Astronauts

Bob and Dwayne attempt to save the world

C Minnesota Fats

About Minnesota Fats.


How Captain Vegas Got His Name

Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel. (Monday, part 2)

You are running late and although it is not allowed, staff being strictly forbidden to be seen when not necessary in the public areas of the hotel,...

Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel (Monday. Part 3)

You step back into the kitchen and as you are alert to the many forms of primal fear you feel a change in the atmosphere. Angela has her head in her...

Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel (part 4. Monday to end.)

But walking back towards the hotel you feel inspired. You do not know why but you do. Maybe it is being out in the world once more! Look at that...