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captured these moments with

Posted on Wed, 14 Jan 2015

captured these moments with lovely, delicate subtle word combinations...lines like reaching through the drivers door/to conjure up a metallic scraping/until the engine bubbled into life/like a mountain spring bottling these little cameos, as you...

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I really enjoyed the clarity

Posted on Sun, 29 Dec 2013

I really enjoyed the clarity of the writing, especially the 'insomniac sensory memory...' the power of an image to spring out at you in the present and clarify some aspect of the past.  something you want to forget or had forgotten..The Dance...

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Love this, Tina. Bottled

Posted on Thu, 26 Dec 2013

Love this, Tina. Bottled 'laughter' is my childhood obsession. Used to fill bottles with laughter from age 7, still have them, don't dare take the lids off. You've applied a dear metaphor to a much loved person. Except it isn't a metaphor, it's...

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