Inspiration point (IP)

This week's Inspiration Point: poetry or prose incorporating all five senses - touch, taste, hearing, sight and smell. Good luck, and don't forget to post the results here!

Inspiration point


Mind the Gap (IP)

It’s the gap that gets me; the chasm between how long I want to live and how long I’ve been given. That’s why I’m here, standing by the train tracks staring into the abyss.

Religion for beginners

Is there a place for thoughts, higher than fresh baked bread? Deeper than a cup full of farmer's milk?

Mind The Gap (IP)

Have you dropped your shoe down there, or flip-flop, through the gap? Have you had to find the guard to fish to reach your purse or cap with stick and hook while watched by all,

Like old friends do

What is the role of 'things' in our lives? Are they just soulless matter? Or silent companions?

Frustrations. (IP)

Taking ages to turn the pages … … Learning a knack … some discouragement, some success