Inspiration point (IP)

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, so maybe that influenced me, or maybe it's other things, but in any case this week's Inspiration Point is:  the eyes have it.  Hope you enjoy it!

Inspiration point

Be not a soggy cigarette

Be all that you can be so I was told,long ago be not a soggy cigarette in a flame gone cold Keep warm within your package stoke the fire,light the lamp snuggle up within your wrapper

The Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder (IP)

… if such a fading face should smile, just like a Cheshire Cat a disembodied mouth profile we’d see – who’d fancy that?! …

I shall fly

Anchor not my feet to the land If I should fly upon the morrow from my bed and out the window I shall be prepared I've packed my wears I am not afraid of the sky, nor the clouds,