Inspiration point (IP)

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, so maybe that influenced me, or maybe it's other things, but in any case this week's Inspiration Point is:  the eyes have it.  Hope you enjoy it!

Inspiration point


I hear there is snow in old Blighty, A calamity, Oh gawd almighty! What will the Brits do When their noses turn blue As the Goddess of love Aphrodite She was born of the sea, don’t you know


About a young girl who struggles with being perfect. This causes her to suffer from eating disorders and self confidence let downs. Inspired by an art piece that demonstrated the "perfect" image of how every woman should be.

Scrabble Trouble (IP)

Some like the stress of strategic ponderings, as in chess; but I like to dabble in playing scrabble … … but, where is the 'Z'?
Gold cherry

Big deal (IP)

Makes Casino Royale look like tiddlywinks...