Inspiration point (IP)

For this week's Inspiration Point I want you to write something which includes three of the following:

the last thing you ate

the last thing you drank

the last person you spoke to

the last book you read

the last film (or TV) you watched

the last piece of music you listened to

Good luck!

Inspiration point

The Romance of Suicide

She’d always thought about suicide. Maybe for the beauty of it, maybe for the abruptness of it. But whatever her reason she never planned or executed...

Lost in the Crowd - I.P

Lost in the Crowd. IP. She gazed into the fog of faces, the swarm of Christmas shoppers. They did not see her, she who was invisibled by middle age...

Little boy lost … (IP)

Little boy lost in a great big crowd pushing and bumping, the noise very loud; a forest of legs, and a sea of shoes – ‘I don’t think my Mummy’s are...