Inspiration point (IP)

New Year, new decade, quite a lot of new things one way and another.  The theme for this week is:  the stage is set.  I'll look forward to seeing the results!  

Inspiration point

Rise and Fall, Fall and Rise (IP)

Babylon grew on fertile plain … its buildings … now, ruined, lie beneath the sand … one king … wisdom learned …


Maybe its last night Or my sensitivity But I’ve got a sad song on repeat And I’m running What else do we do but run? Run away from this. Run towards...

Are we human or are we dancers? I.P.

Are we human or are we dancers? (I.P.) 1172 words Being new to the area, I had joined this dance group hoping I would make some friends. I tried...

The General Knowledge Test (IP)

Who wrote ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’? … visions of a fat Pooh bear with blue balloon to help him float …