Inspiration point (IP)

This week I'd like you to take the title of a song or film and make it into something else - poetry or prose. Good luck!

Inspiration point

Twilight is now softly slow breathing

Twilight is now softly slow breathing: And In this, so near sacred silent place, Among the now rising budding blossom Where throbbing, plump anthers unfurl;

'The Times They Are A Changing' (I.P)

Easter morning I was then hanging out hand washing seagull's crying shocking! Or was it the song I was singing we are taught 'Singing for pleasure' "Love Never Dies" turned to go back in

Jewels in the Tarmac (IP)

A treasured time when school is out, morning lie-ins, laze about; those treasured days, start of new terms, Mum’s ‘window’ 9-3 returns. A treasured time when health’s renewed,