Inspiration point (IP)

Assessement - it's a controversial act - and controversy is a great thing for writing.  So that's our inspiration point - judgement. 

Inspiration point

Inspiration (on the border) I.P.

We use to think that good ideas are like welcome guests. Once announced, they jump into daily life. They seep through our world, thoughts, plans...

… flows on (IP)

The stream of time flows on, seeds germinate, the blade emerges, elongating, flowers unfold and bloom and fade. The pages turn, the years begin and...

Through early morning fog (I see)

Can we ever start over again? Like a wispy day after a heavy night storm, like an island in the ocean after a volcanic eruption, like a meagre...

A time for everyone (I.P.)

When everyone is white, try to be black. When everyone is happy, try to be sad. When everyone is sober, try to be drunk. When everyone is barren, try...