Inspiration point (IP)

If you hadn't heard - next Thursday is going to be quite a day!  I wonder what the following Friday 13th will bring us - EEK!  So that's our inspiration point - Waking up on Friday 13th...(doesn't have to be political at all).

Inspiration point

Happy Camper

He's got a five o'clock shadow, thin on the top, lives most of his days on the breadline. Like a dog with two tails, in a fool's paradise, he makes...

Come Hell or High Water...

A stench of death turns her stomach; the water makes her sick, but still, she drinks.

AUTUMN (holiday in Oz) - IP (in a way)

(best read in strong Aussie accent whilst sporting cork-bobbing bushhat) The Aussie’s seem to have it right. As well as swapping day and night, they...

The Flood (IP)

Fans of the Bible (not wishing to defame or libel) Will be looking for blame in all of this rain But if we wait for the floods to abate All the...