Inspiration point (IP)

If you hadn't heard - next Thursday is going to be quite a day!  I wonder what the following Friday 13th will bring us - EEK!  So that's our inspiration point - Waking up on Friday 13th...(doesn't have to be political at all).

Inspiration point

Extreme nights (IP)

The night is long, three months* so dark, so cold, no air to fire a spark, though million stars shine sharp and bright undulled by artificial light;...

The Lighthouse's Song

Long, dark nights are favoured to me For staring out upon my sea, With cyclopsed eye I scan sapphire tarred waves, Spying for nightmares and...

Night Time

My night is ticking away, quiet, soft, near-silent. Night is my time. The day is filled with work, chores, people, obligations. Night is the time...

The Incredible Decision of Simplicity or Insanity

☆ The Incredible Decision of Simplicity or Insanity. 'Inconveniently' detained at a crossroads in this surprising game called 'life'. Happily blessed...

The Deck of Cards (working)

It began with intention. One of my fondest memories from my childhood was playing cards with my father. I’ll get to it later, but I never had the...