Inspiration point (IP)

The world is so dark right now, all I can say is thank goodness for sweet trivia and Bake Off.  Let's cheer ourselves up with a little sugar.  That's the inspiration point - sugar and spice and all things nice!

Inspiration point

Not Afraid

Not Afraid “It’s not death I’m afraid of – it’s the process of dying.” I've said that over the years to various people. Having a strong faith in life...

The Space I Don't Take Up

Nobody ever belongs anywhere. The world is not a club where only the most extroverted and courageous of people get in. People just find themselves in...


Once there were two best buddies named Jack and Ben. Jack was a great bibliophile, and Ben was a very dynamic and motivational speaker. Every day in...


A professional killer employs mediation and leaves false leads while carrying out a contract.

The Less than Perfect Gift

My husband went to help his folks Move to their new address He phoned me when they were in flow With a panicking request “We've just found out a...