Inspiration point (IP)

Storm Gareth brought the first flood alerts of the year to my area.  Be prepared, they say, so, once the passports, pets and other necessities have been secured, what would you  save first from the flood, or fire, or alien invasion, and why?

Inspiration point

It’s Wonderful After All

With everything life sends , its still a wonderful experience .

Weakening Muscles and Mind (IP)

Inflexible wrist, slipping grip missed, dish fell with a clattering, all the food splattering the floor and the chair, mess everywhere: a touch of despair – but someone is caring,

The Carer’s Respite (IP)

A day of release from a Caring role, relief of pressure and stress, a refreshment goal – … clean, purge out stale lethargy, revive joy and vibrancy; returning anew to …

Jogger's Bum.

So there I was. Riding down the High Street on a sunny Sunday morning. Jacket zipped right up to my Adam’s apple. A borrowed bike beneath me. Only three gears.

the Holiday Getaway! (IP)

(a kid’s-eye view) They’re packing the car, we’re leaving today, travelling far for our holiday. They scuttle and scurry, worry and hurry, fill crannies and nooks