Inspiration point (IP)

Last year my home city played host to the Rose Theatre, a pop-up version of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, and it's just arrived again for the summer.  Our Inspiration Point this week is to take the title of a Shakespeare play and use it as the starting point for your own piece.  Make it - well - as you like it. 

I'll just go now.

Inspiration point

Never Lose Heart

Russian leader, Vladimir Lenin once said, “The most important thing when ill is to never lose heart.” That is exactly what I had to do throughout the first four months of 2013 - never lose heart.

Something about the heat of the sun

You hate her, you love her. But certaintly, you need her. More than bread, faith or peace?

Sound of laughing

Sitting in a mobile home while the rain is pouring down. You think about desire, you write about desires...