Inspiration point (IP)

This week I'd like you to take the title of a song or film and make it into something else - poetry or prose. Good luck!

Inspiration point

My First Kiss

One of the only decent memories I have of him.


on my apron, hung, one bow missing. glass bowl cradling three apples. my scarf and his crumpled on the table empty box of green jasmine tea, his. tete-a-tetes in too small a pot, mine.

Together Alive

It finally hit me that I would never see him again when I took a scoop of dirt and put it onto his casket. As I did so, I started to cry. It was the...


I behold the blank page eying me From its right angled corners Tunnelling my vision into its Bare expressionlessness Perfect lines are on its surface Begging to be intruded by

The Wish

Come to me and shine, my brightest star Make my wish come true, please hear me now; I have to travel in a place afar And search for my triumph, my leading plan.