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I have 20 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 1155 times and 5 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Joe Pearson

I'm getting thoughts out of my brain so there's space for more.

My stories

Are These Thoughts His Or Mine? Oh Well, At The Very Least They Exist.

We, all of us, can rise from the murk. Except him, because he is dead - and he would not begrudge my tastelessness in that last.

Ugly, Fat, and Diseased; or, I Don't Understand Myself, Let Alone What I Write About Me.

Nothing but truth here friends, comrades, lovers and fighters. I am ugly. I am fat. I am full of that stuff that clouds the blood and so the mind...

Squash is in Season

"Have a happy Halloween!" "Don't tell me how to live my life," I said. "Cheeky prick." He scuttled off back to his cheeky prick parents stood waiting...

How Not to be a Hitman

With 'Five Years' by Bowie playing, I licked the last of the Christmas pudding off my lips before helping it along with a tot of port. The man across...

He, Dynamite. (Part 4)

The box. Decidedly battered. The puddle of sauce from a takeaway consumed who knows when now creeping its way up the cardboard, distorting the prints...