Inspiration point (IP)

If you hadn't heard - next Thursday is going to be quite a day!  I wonder what the following Friday 13th will bring us - EEK!  So that's our inspiration point - Waking up on Friday 13th...(doesn't have to be political at all).

Inspiration point

Gene Kelly - I Want A Word With You! (I.P.)

I might not be Debbie Reynolds but I know a Gene Kelly wannabee when I see one!

Unique (IP)

Catastrophic flooding, pouring, pushing, 40 days and nights still raining, water underground emerging, rushing sediment stirred up by crushing rocks and soil and vegetation, then engulfing

Sabita's Story

Through the brutal debris of theirs’ and other people’s lives – she wades, waist deep,

Goodbye Hoboken, Hello Vietnam

After 28 years living in the U.S., I decided to pack it in and travel around Southeast Asia before re-locating to the U.K. This is a collection of stories I wrote about my travels.

The life of a tree

I’m like a tree. At one point, I was a tall, sturdy oak. I had all my branches and I was as healthy as can be. My leaves were full of green.