Inspiration point (IP)

Looking outside, it's beautiful - warm, sunny, blue skies - and yet things seem to be falling apart (again) - so I think this week's Inspiration Point is going to be 'contrasts'. Take it anywhere you want to. Good luck! 

Inspiration point

In a nocturnal mood.

. I love the night when the sun Disappears behind the curved hand of the earth And the heat of the ground dissipates Into the blackness of the sky...

A sort of homecoming

The foolish musician caresses the clean wood. Now his days are numbered. Now he has exposed them on the salon table like genuine rhinestones. He...
Gold cherry

Alan's human desires (ABC IP)

“Alan?” “Barbara?” “Can I have a wee word?” “Don’t see why not.” “Excellent. I just wanted to ask a few questions about how you’re finding life at...

Zest (IP)

Always it started the same way Blame begat blame begat blame "Call a spade a spade," she'd spit, Deal a blow did he. Everything seemed fine a few...