Inspiration point (IP)

This week's Inspiration Point very kindly suggested by Ewan:

Reconciliation. Make it political, apolitical, personal, fictional, (auto)biographical, prose, poetry,

ranting, measured, hopeful or despairing. Whatever you want, I promise you we won’t fall out over it. 

Good luck!

Inspiration point

Greeks and elephants..IP

The Greeks are ancient Why they believed ether was an element I do not know elephants are modern They breathe air Shy away from fire Travel hundreds of miles to water And roll on the earth

The tangible, and the intangible (IP)

Fire … air … water … earth . ' Ether ’ used for the intangible … star movements, light, cyberspace … ?

Karuna's Panchbhuta

Karuna sat thinking of the world’s close relation with the Panchbhuta or the Five Elements of Life. She thought gravely...