Inspiration point (IP)

Looking outside, it's beautiful - warm, sunny, blue skies - and yet things seem to be falling apart (again) - so I think this week's Inspiration Point is going to be 'contrasts'. Take it anywhere you want to. Good luck! 

Inspiration point


Gospel song

I see seven blood-red bovines grazing in the meadow. They don't look up, they do not look around. They just love the grass. They enjoy the daisies,...

Farewell is too easy a word

When the summer of change comes along, we ride with its wind, through smoky corridors to an unfortold light To gather our thoughts and plights - -...

My mums smile which shone brighter than the sun.

Your Smile Shone brighter than any Sun, I couldn't have wished for a better mum. You were the centre of my world, The Sea that forever swirls. Why...