Inspiration point (IP)

This week's Inspiration Point very kindly suggested by Ewan:

Reconciliation. Make it political, apolitical, personal, fictional, (auto)biographical, prose, poetry,

ranting, measured, hopeful or despairing. Whatever you want, I promise you we won’t fall out over it. 

Good luck!

Inspiration point

My Lady

I want to say something nice. But words are not enough - bizarre, cheesy, meaningless, shallow, heavy, pointless, suffocating...words. Your eyes aren't typically what I would go for - brown.

My Friend Sean

My Friend Sean My friend Sean is 73 My friend Sean does gymnastics see My friend Sean started out as a client

Open Your Eyes: Open Your Mind

"There are two ways we react when new information is received: we either change our mind or alter the facts. One method can be scary but the other is downright dangerous."

No Man an Island (IP)

Media brilliant lifestyles flaunt, and peers tease and taunt, boast their jollity, popularity, and depress those feeling they have less, unaware those thrills illusory, elusive,