Inspiration point (IP)

This week's Inspiration Point is: 'it seemed like a good idea at the time'.  As it so frequently does.

Inspiration point

Jumping to Conclusions (IP)

He thought he saw – and told his friends – a floating, waving ghost. They looked themselves and saw it was washed clothes caught round a post … He thought he heard words critical, and shouted wildly back …

opium haiku set

we are transience, all transience: dirtied change... and shots of white-noise hid with gel-deranged mange, plethora of flora- averus virus the ego-...

Illuminated shadows

Because we do not have all the answers. What is the colour of happiness? How much does love weigh? The void thus created. Is that our live? Is that...

The other World (Night came early I.P)

This world is sturdy and firm From years of abuse The border walls are made with good intentions Their sincerity long forgot The earth that covers it...

Taking the Risk – a bond repaired (IP)

The night came early … Her hand drifted out to the phone, lying near, she struggled with doubt, embarrassment, fear.