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StoryAfar amlee01 year 1 month ago
StoryDesert Eyes amlee12 years 5 months ago
StoryEulogy alexwritings67 years 5 months ago
StoryIn the Night amlee07 years 8 months ago
StorySilent Kill amlee07 years 11 months ago
StoryFowl Play amlee27 years 11 months ago
StoryYesterday's Flowers amlee28 years 1 month ago
StorySwan Song 2016 amlee48 years 2 months ago
StoryMommy's Day Thoughts - For the Kids amlee58 years 4 months ago
StoryTake a Damp Cloth, and Wipe amlee28 years 5 months ago
StoryAshen amlee58 years 5 months ago
StoryDeath by Pizza amlee58 years 5 months ago
StoryImportunata amlee08 years 5 months ago
StoryAutumn Angling amlee38 years 7 months ago
StorySaturday Rumble amlee08 years 9 months ago
StoryIce Ice Baby amlee38 years 10 months ago
StoryPhantom Stardust amlee08 years 11 months ago
StoryThe Distance of Widows amlee69 years 1 month ago
StoryFamine amlee59 years 1 month ago
StoryBitter Tea and No Roses amlee29 years 2 months ago
StoryDead Beats amlee09 years 2 months ago
StoryAll My Saturdays amlee39 years 3 months ago
StoryEdge People amlee19 years 3 months ago
StoryStormy Days and Windy Nights amlee59 years 3 months ago
StoryPatch amlee09 years 3 months ago

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AFAR How odd to be rising sun to your settling moon Hung upsidedown, juxtaposed Me, the blue dot at 7 o’clock on Google map to your 2 o’clock, just...

Desert Eyes

Swallow me whole engulf me with your hungered gaze your azured almonds ablaze with a million Saharan fires wordless interrogate me through sand-laden...

In the Night

Who knows how, in the night, while Super Moon strains, chalk-carpeted deep in weeping autumn mists: might a million golden butterflies voiceless...

Silent Kill

Darkest eyes in blackest night Daggered irony to quench her light Still her breast with thorny heart Crush all hope before it starts Stem her words...

Fowl Play

Magpies cry mid moonless night till slumber fumbles and dreams take flight Sparrows narrow their sightless gaze sing soulless ditties of trapped city...