Spinning a yarn

Little stories that caught me.


Counting backwards from ten

Anyone who's lain on a gurney and had nothing but a hospital gown between them and the knife will get the title......

A Birthday Offering

Marking a milestone of a woman aged - never you mind - and three quarters.

A Chinese Wife: "Follow"

Another chapter in my novella: A Chinese Wife. (recently updated version)

A Chinese Wife: Conversations over a soy sauce dish

A tester chapter from a short story entitled "A Chinese Wife".

A Walk in the Woods



Upwardly mobile.

Conversations with my Tom Tom (II)

Night erases everything.

In Her Own Right

Femme fatale??

Friday's Child


Transit of Venus

As planets collide...

Loss of Day

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...

Drop Zone (repost)

and then I fell out of the plane...

Postnatal Blues

not so silent night...

Let Us Knot

He says, she says...

The Time of Our Lives

Time. We think there's so much of it, we often just let the hours, days and years sneak past right under our noses, and won't realise we've...

Autumn Blues

In a rare moment of grace and space, albeit enforced through illness, I have the luxury to sit and stare. Autumn is here in the city. The flowers on...

Seeing Red

I watched the sky at sunset tonight. I'd been looking at the sky all day today, at different times, looking for elevation, and change. I noted the...

The Little Matchbox

A picture came to my mind recently, when I was in meditative mode. I had a vision of a small matchbox. It was sitting in a forlorn corner of a wall...

SKY FALL: All in a Day's Work For a Homeless Shelter Runner

Think I've found a new strap line for The Shelter Project Hounslow: TSPH; contains nut. So for the second time in my life I got pushed out of a tiny...

THE CHINESE WIFE: The Life of Wry Lee

Well. It's official. I've got a reputation now of being unpredictable, of being a bolt-and-runner. A day ago I was sitting at my table at home mid-...

Catch a Falling Star

A few nights ago I saw, under the fading shadow of half a silver penny moon - the weeping death of shooting stars - seven in all during the deepest...

Autumn Angling

Isn't this the time of year when one could gaze in endless wonderment, as Nature, frantic in the final closure of autumn, braces itself against clear...

Mommy's Day Thoughts - For the Kids

It's Mothering Sunday in England today. Commiserations rest of the world, you'll have to wait for yours two months later. But in these waters, people...

Swan Song 2016

So. The day has come. You hit the big birthday that dangerously pitches you nearer the Queen's range of celebrations, rather than some Sweet Sixteen...