Andrée's poems

Swallowing Barbed Wire (2010)


In the middle, somewhat elevated...

A Minor Adjustment

Gimme an inch...(reposted after tweak)

A Priesting at Westminster

Will you still love me tomorrow?

A Private Grief

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!

Abbey Love

Romance among stones.

After the Rain

Let there be peace between us.

And then there was nothing

Curséd thing, love.
Gold cherry

Autumn Waits

Good things come to those who wait...

Azalean Amorata

Assaulted and totally slaughtered.

Back into the silence

It's cold as ice...

Barefoot on Broken Glass

It's no walk in the park...
Poem of the week


Stalker? Viewpoint of the jilted, wilted unloved?


Waiting for Spring.

Broken Record

This is a song that never ends....

Can I trust

Mind games

Ceaseless Wanderer

Walking wounded.


Nyeh nyeh nyeh...

Cherchez la femme

Chucky's in love??

Coming King?

Lament of the homeless. Advent 2012.

Coming Up Roses

I beg your pardon: I've always promised you a rose garden...

Debt (I)

Pay as you go.

Debt (II)

Gangsta rapper version: No more Mrs Nice Guy.

Eye Spy

Eyeballing a kestrel...

In despair I ate all our tiger prawns

My sweet, indigestible you...


Takeover bids.

Moonlight in Roses

That's amore.

Pachydermy Pachanga

Rumble in the jungle...(written after riding an ellyfink in Nepal)


Somebody's put Baby in a corner...


Waste of my time.

The Invisible Woman

Eyes wide shut...

The World at Your Feet

Dreams of extreme travel...

This quiet moment...


When We Are Old

When I'm sixty-four...

Ye Lai Xiang 夜来香 (As Night Falls Comes Sweet Fragrance)

Love storm in a tea cup... Ye Lai Xiang is Chinese for scented, night-blooming jasmine.


I can't remember your face...

False Spring

After a winter of discontent, spring still chills.


All cracked up.

Home Leave

Bidding prayer for a close friend, travelling home for the first time in years, for a family bereavement.


Poem of the week

Killing Time

Devouring my man.


Jenny's Leap. A spot at Lee Abbey, Devon, when love ran dry.

Love on a Limb

you and me lover sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...




Escape artist.

Running 2

Another attempt at escape.

Swallowing Barbed Wire

Marking a year of flying solo.

Honey You're Home!

Come and get me already.

Sleeping in rollers

Life as single lane traffic?

Mrs Jones regrets

Goodbye and goodnight!


Sequel piece to a previous poem "Beheld" - a tale of reconciliation.

No sky is big enough

This, inspired by looking out of my airplane window tonight at banks of sunset clouds.....

What remains

Lady sings the blues....

Out of Ashes

After a long Death, Rebirth.

Six Months

Separation Anxiety


Repost: I've turned my latest poem "Six Months" into a song - sing it a whole lotta country, and a little bit rock 'n roll! Yee-ha.


The suspense is killing me.

If only the rain would come

Extension of previous poem "Waiting".

Feasting Among Stones

Manna for the hungry.

Working Girl

It's all smoke and mirrors.

Take Flight



Updated version of angst.

Million Dollar Baby

She's one in a million.

Light Eater

Reworked version. Hopefully improved.

The Haunting of Jackals

Where the wild things are...

Object of none's affection

Reworked, retitled, resubmitted.
Gold cherry

Hippolyta Defeated (re-post)

actually Hippolyta Regained...

The Fall of Peonies

Tempus fugit.


Disappearing act.

Iberian Rhapsody

A load of bull.

Next to Nothin' (country n western song!)

erm... Wrote a Country 'n Western song, it seems. Sing it with a yee-hah in your throat...


The rain in Spain hammered it down last night.

Sitting in the dark

Night vision.

Fit Boy

Disappearing act.

Someone To Watch Over Me

Dedicated to Street Pastors outside nightclubs

Time Travellers

Remembering loved ones.

Tinsel Wonder

fa la la la la

Waiting for Yule

how many more sleeps?
Gold cherry


Do you recall, as I our solo sailing days the drifting, roaming aimless untethered, unobliged, clutching supposed liberties in our nuances indulging...

Regarding Robin

Tired of winter.

Still Life

Dead and loving it?

Man Handled

Hand holding

Sleeping Like a Cow

Bovine suspension.

The Hitching Post

Don't ask me; and I won't ask you.


in pieces...


Travel bugs.

In My Father's Eyes

I am more than a spark ignition of momentary vim folly from midsummer's lark detritus of a dilettante whim More than a temporary burst or burn of...

What Lies Beneath

Oh this quiet, unquiet burn this ravenous rage within that cannot rest, relent till all that is life and laughter the larger and lesser concerns is...

Pillow Love Song

Soft, soft lay you by me awhile I'd smooth fierce furrows upon your brow press cool palms to loving purge as inner demons rage and surge Close, close...


The day will come when you and I make dust clouds bloom behind as we escape towards sunrise Hair streaming against screaming zephyrs, sun blasted...

Damsel in Distress

Pray pity, dream lover come take me away from left brainéd morons who lean in on my frayed jagged edges of reason they've gathered to spill my blood...


This incessant rain disdaining all plaintive entreaty won't sweetly halt in its tracks its attacks on the human heart like darts are just too hard to...

Getting Away With Murder

Break my heart, go ahead shatter me like glass I'm see through to you anyway Trample on me, won't you I'm numb, dumb broad pummel pillow for you any...

Corn Past Its Prime

Harken, pray, my love, my darling Tarry not so very long When winter's spite might vain o'ertake us and I've lost my summer's song Braid my locks...

Woolly Mammoth Heart

My heart is like a red ball of wool and you in feline frenzy have worried it unravelled me, so my blood guts spilled, hot and heaving upon the...

Fall in Scargill

Faith ascends as York mists descend brooding Breath heavy hovered upon faltering footfall in stony echoes shredded souls riven and rising to crook...

Coming Home

Wandering Soul, I thought you sought nothing but high adventure. Till I find the trail of empty nests that at your behest, you left behind. In the...


She roars in silence, shrieking rainbows across dozing skies startled fish belly white from daybreak. Creatures half awakened, unexpectant of...

The Boy in the Window

I saw him the boy in the window framed floor to ceiling display of distress to the world. Crooked deep in thought brow broken over his mobile I...


As sand that shifts undulates underfoot that whips, gashes face till bloody channels open for glass hard granules to sear, seep into every crevice of...

Lying Under Cloud Cover

We lie under cloud cover deceptive wrapped in deep cloak of night secretly counting losses openly clocking late planes blinking towards a distant...

Saved by Noodles

Lowering my lashes I escaped the lance the near wounding of your ranging glance. Half blushed, half crushed by your persistent penetration of my weak...

Where Red Kites Dance

O sing me a song of high soaring of rarified air brushing cheeks the gushed, rushing rendering vanished, banish last traces and remnants of sleep...


I sit amongst you taut with pretend informality soaking up the same cold air watching the same dust float as iced specks caught in the headlamp of...


Can we sing of our injuries of arrows borne in our hearts when from dreams we are wrenched and when loved ones depart Can we laud a saint's calling...

Pound Shop

Watery sun give for heartless moon twixt their rise and fall plod we night till noon Blood brothers brew mercury in our veins my back watching yours...


It hovered upon his lips, a sentiment that somehow could not take shape: like undecided cloud formation, loose sensations sifting in the wind. Would...

An Expectation of Roses

'Neath sizzling sunbeams of Earth renewed Tight blossoms stir, their sleep eschewed As amorous coo of paired courting fowl The call to life is for...

Sacred Imprint

These waiting hills empty now but for the shriek of chill winds this bleakness of dung brown Wicklow rock undulating heavy with the weight of ancient...

Woman at the Well

She waits, as the others who throb at the thrill shed their spill of grateful tears at the shrine of their inspiring She was only there enquiring...

Good Wood

Warm wind blows gathering sparkling sand from desert dunes undulating endless unto horizons beyond comprehension Sizzled specks swirl in whistling...

Fear of Falling

Dare you stand toe-edged above eternal drop poised perfection as frozen fire crown centred to heaven soles glued to grassy earth a rod of steel sure...

Memories of Our Unholiday

Where else could we worship but in chapels of rippling redwood heaven bound shafts, quiescent lifting our unquenchable praise of awe? Which bed could...

While You Were Sleeping

Did you know, that while you were sleeping in fields of blue heaven, tiny bells tolled and laughed you a lullaby. In your soft slumber upon May's...


Still when slowed time ticks when fallow future sleeps like the dead and unborn blossoms wait wakeful in their animated burial Stay the course of...

Stormy Love Affair

How the evening air hangs heavy but I twinkle fairy light, watch the world as it runs for cover I hide under cloak of night Folks huddle for summer's...

And Here Comes the Rain

At last air can no longer hold its breath no longer hover like meniscus on a scum-green summer's lake where pondskaters dance trip on tippy toes for...

Autumn Appassionata

How so charged were we as we languid lay, twinned hidden, heady lightning bolts leapt to life, unspoken sparked to canter chrysanthemum clouds then...


Girl Friday, fitful slumbered crumpled upon hard bed of ashen timber angular unslept against memories etched into the grain hollow distant laughter...

Waxing Lyrical

Old gold in velvet night horn of mystery, half smile of winking Cheshire Cat lying low in wait, prance dancing, to pounce on thumping lovers' hearts...

Should Dreams Unbidden Come

How would you stop dreams should dreams unbidden come? How do you stem waves? watery graves, wide-mouthed devour full forced, intentioned upon...


I watch you brink trembled tingling hackles raised in contemplation of abyss I smell you terror scented as frozen slime, crawl frigid limbs in lofty...

Kissing Ice At Dawn

Miffed moor hens dip slip on stillborn lake stumbling skaters hot chasing early squirm of an icy worm only to pitiful peck naught but mirrored beaks...

Lady in Waiting

Come not only when I ask not when it's a task but because you must worship the very dust I walk on ... Come not if you're compelled but by your own...

Bruit Blanc

I am seashell curling infinitely inward upon myself, mother of pearl sheen beneath frosting gleam of a heartless Perigee moon. And I hum in wretched...


My name is Patch. I like to latch onto trees, or your leg if I please. Sometimes I fling, full-bodied, to cling on a lamp post like a white ghost at...

Edge People

Edge people stand outside looking in having been inside looking out Edge people don't like boxes to tick to lock to file and block from memory Edge...

All My Saturdays

How I loathe bright mornings rude elbowing in on my long bad Friday nights sunny-side-uppety blinders sneaking through the pane of my solitary...

Dead Beats

The earth shakes each time I'd awakened to sweep sleep from your eyes with a long distance kiss hello but instead of blissed sweet nothing you reply...

Bitter Tea and No Roses

Dare I couch myself in a sheesham coffin, lie stone heavy with my spine hard upon ancient bare boards, scarcely breathe a sigh. While above me, you...


So this is famine. Yellow sun a dull, drab drench upon fields of indifferent gold. Silvery moonbeams richochet off brittled leaves falling...
Gold cherry

The Distance of Widows

We are left, licorice women allsorts: Unwilling bittersweets, good wives and better sports, who unwitting greet the pain game in our lives. Not just...

Phantom Stardust

Without trace, or hint of trail, she assails your dreams, soft invades your lonesome planet... Butterfly kisses blown across galaxies, flown through...

Ice Ice Baby

In Reykjavik it's raining gales howling black and blue blown cobwebs from our dreaming the threads twixt me and you In Eglissta∂ir it's drizzling sky...

Saturday Rumble

Friday moon, sharp hung with September's knife edge upon mellowed memories of receding rubied wines; finally surrenders to oblivion of ink-bled night...


We study each other a whispered kiss apart, with eyes hard-glazed like cats: yours an amber tiger's pounce soft landing upon fluffed pillows beneath...

Death by Pizza

You do not ply me with champagne that tickles. Nor choice oyster morsels that soft slipping trickle. But dangle to entangle, a dread bready carrot to...

Take a Damp Cloth, and Wipe

Take a damp cloth, and wipe. Baby mush and toddler goo Infant generated guilty mucky moo. Take a damp cloth, and wipe. Blackboard beatings to within...

Yesterday's Flowers

How sweet it was to sip a yellow chalice of sunshine... I still lick my lips recalling that draught of liquid loving cup glowing under our chins; how...

Fowl Play

Magpies cry mid moonless night till slumber fumbles and dreams take flight Sparrows narrow their sightless gaze sing soulless ditties of trapped city...

Silent Kill

Darkest eyes in blackest night Daggered irony to quench her light Still her breast with thorny heart Crush all hope before it starts Stem her words...

In the Night

Who knows how, in the night, while Super Moon strains, chalk-carpeted deep in weeping autumn mists: might a million golden butterflies voiceless...

Desert Eyes

Swallow me whole engulf me with your hungered gaze your azured almonds ablaze with a million Saharan fires wordless interrogate me through sand-laden...


AFAR How odd to be rising sun to your settling moon Hung upsidedown, juxtaposed Me, the blue dot at 7 o’clock on Google map to your 2 o’clock, just...