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My stories

A temporal vision

A temporal vision That's what I had When I was a child I walked not as a struggling little lad, But as natures little lord; Dreaming of becoming a full-grown man.

Beautiful creations

Tears the size of pearls Ribbons in there curls Beautiful creations Are beautiful girls Beautiful creations Are beautiful girls Porcelain hands Run you’re fingers through the sands

Final burst of flourishing stillness in the radiance of I?

When you gaze at your own reflection in a pool of water That I that you thought was you has continually moved For you are as a cloud seated to envelope a mountain

It’s time to rest

Pity is wasted on the dead As are the token flowers That weren’t forthcoming, When the dead were living... So cry no sad goodbyes... Moreover! Mourn only just... a little! ... {While...}

What do I find in a kiss?

What do I find in a kiss? The toe curling nerves of bliss Sedimentary, tingling Yes… Intermingling Yes… Fluidity, pings Like a broken glass In that desire to clasp