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Stephen Parker

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My Supplement Journal

I became enamored with supplements in my 20's, a byproduct of adolescent maturation: growing, dreaming, planning, achieving. A naivete spun into my...

My First Glimpse at Michaelangelo's David

A college student whose pedagogy consisted of lacquered images, fine print thrust from the abstract realm where imitation is flattery and a carbon...

Through the Snowy Veil

Below my window a seamless quilt no tweed no frill fluffed by wind's unseen hand Above, a maze outline of a hominid drooping his curled limbs as the...

The Cloak and Dagger of Terrorism

Wrapped in their adopted flags baring the pendant of liberty wolves in sheep skin hiding beneath their veils a pale crescent moon tinged with bloody...

Brain Storm: Ideas, Thoughts, Words

A sun glint through my window discourse of waves on blue ridge hangs ideas soar above clouds truncate my mind flutters through the haze a silver...