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Stephen Parker

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Another Indigestible Scholastic Poem

Taking off my rose-colored glasses grabbing a thick, refined monocle to imbibe another scholastic verse dyslexic exercise to warp my mind discordant...

Old West Refined with Color

Dawn of color: Gilded prairie dust, a golden sprinkle meshed with crusty tumbleweed rolled into mocha-lined wheels Scarfs bearing the rust of the...

Spring Fling

Spring Fling Spring's fecund signs the canvas shades coordinates spliced on petals, blades mellow sun casts fawning eye fertile streams from tissues...

False Spring

False Spring Pin pricks of light enfilade from lisping wand a warming spell winter's long siege abates lampshade rises over mercurial meadow,...

Gallant Warriors Morph into the Shadows of War

Smudges of ash overlaying taught skin, brittle gristle; the latest relics of war whose still life portraits linger in the minds of the destined ones...