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Stephen Parker

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Indelible Marks of Love

The caretaker of my dreams: girdled my hearth with her warm blanket over the years covered my bough with chiseled rings, reams of indentured pulp,...

Summer's Tent Folds

Summer's creep has ended: searching tendril tips have reached their zenith borne their dividend; the repast enjoyed remnants cached pruning hooks...


Casting a tent under the pale moon my tawny fibers her bleached strands wrapped in a silver cocoon flung into orbit earth's baser elements soaring in...


Riding along a bumpy road stopping at a fork in the road not by choice or design but from disorientation shorn of his map unable to read the signs...

A Glint from the Past

Great Grandfather's clock strikes midnight through the drawn curtains a glint of moonlight peeps the lacquered surface glows with the light of...