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Stephen Parker

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Pollution, Carcinogens, Cancer

The gray plume rises residue of industry nostalgic shadow of fleeting revolution never quiet retreating vesper incense consecrating the Titans of...


The stolid moon the sacristy sharing, but with only a glint from the jealous sun's glittering shield, with rationed light lifts his pale face...

Spiraling Love

Periphery of love fabricated design two hearts dressed in ritual garb veiled words token promises the manifest deed glossed pulp artfully signed by...

The Forest Path: Toilsome Shuttle; Ingratiating Track

A cobbled path etched on forest floor a rudimentary lane graded with twists, curves beset with the twining cords of wandering vines, roots to ensnare...

Love's Seamless Design

Graceful pattern of love with indelible ink stenciled over my body The seamless design grafted on fragile frame The glossy texture and enameled lines...