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Stephen Parker

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My First Slice of Love

Provender of organic seed exuding comely-crafted genes dainty, bleached texture smooth polished finish rimmed with a bronze crust feted with a high...

Night's Fleeting Passions Subsumed

As the night gilds briny drops of dew spill from seeping troughs spry blades glisten under the moon's strobe until Dawn's hazy membrane cloaks the...

In the Shadow of Machu Picchu

The Peruvian sun sets atop glass canyon walls laser blips flicker repasts, sacrifices beneath nature's shield the cloistered walls reverberate with...

Shadows of Childhood Summers

End of May school days folded into days of leisure absent the wine & song authoritarian parents providing few entertainments but shackling with...

Dawn's Shade of Gray

Past, Present, Future in dawn's shade of gray greet my bleary eyes. A stumble, illusions of night mark my first steps cloud my vision. Through the...