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Stephen Parker

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Shadow Rider

Following her, long coattails no prescient markers to trace her sentient design without a road map, sign posts to pinpoint her final destination...

Traces of Love

Dainty flip flops at the bed room door a path of silence marking the trek to the pinnacle of Love Lipstick graffiti on the mirror pink swirls from...

Autumn and Winter Refuse Buried in Summer Dreams

I walked into the virgin, summer meadow My shadow as green as the svelte carpet Figment of winter shedding melancholy ice sickles Opaque skin a veil...

Love's Second Print

You stared at the lofty title that was so long ago engraved on organic strands of graded pulp dressed with italic letters with undulating curves...

The Nuclear Fallout from her Radioactive Eyes

A blink from your eyes but momentary blip traces the coordinates of a solitary figure shrouding a lonely heart then the optical nerves flicker a...