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Stephen Parker

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Final March of the Crescent Moon

Solemn pageant of nightly parade pared to a facile show Grand float anchoring the exhibit a veiled, diminutive vessel levitated over the dark...

Nostalgic Tracks

Nostalgically, whimsically I always thought of an engineer brooding over glass-plated dials with hands pulling levers, switches giving his engine a...

Ripples of Passion Submerged

Wandering eyes scan the deep swells waves blip on radars hopeful currents pulse enfilade the shoreline signals intersect from the cadence sweet...

Weeping Willow, Weary Traveler, Waterfall

The White Willow hovers at the junction where creek forks intersect body and limbs both a crooked marker and bleak memorial to the weary traveler...

Unrequiting Currents: Desolate Lives

Magnetic wand of the moon, a creamy Harvest moon, brushed the deep swells generating a tide steady current, frothy foam. With speed, purpose rowed...