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Castle Pillock 13

Does a hostess really have to attend her own party?

The Girl With Colitis Goes By

We’ve all got them, those song lyrics corrupted somewhere between our ears and our brain cells

The Net Caster (Part Twenty-Seven)

'You needed someone you could manipulate,' I said. 'You just had to be given the right job,' said Hamish.

Lustrum (IP) (With apologies to Robert Harris)

It is, or should be, a truth universally acknowledged that a world run by David Attenborough and Mary Beard would be a sane and civilised place and a much better bet than we have at the moment

The Net Caster (Part Twenty-Six)

'It's government,' said Madam. 'They choose what they will and won't tell the governed. And in this case, they are completely and utterly right.'


186 of my comments have received 189 Great Feedback votes

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Our homes really do contain

Posted on Sun, 24 Sep 2017

Our homes really do contain the layers of our lives.  I loved this.  So visual, and also a ghostly feeling of the hidden past.  Great writing.

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Posted in DIY

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Really liked this, Rhiannon. 

Posted on Mon, 18 Sep 2017

Really liked this, Rhiannon.  The rhyming works really well, and parts of it reminded me of riddle poems, which fits in with the idea of the wise owl.  It's a wonderful idea, that we could have a wise and perceptive companion who could keep an...

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Posted in Watch your back!

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It's interesting how poems

Posted on Sun, 17 Sep 2017

It's interesting how poems take different people different ways.  I thought it was very clear, but in a very subtle way.  I think you have to stay true to your vision, especially as it has struck a chord with a number of readers.  That's the...

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Posted in time travelling

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I like the way this shows

Posted on Fri, 01 Sep 2017

I like the way this shows that depression invades all the senses.  The description of the grin 'held up with string' is particularly striking and really conveys the mask that people use to disguise the reality.  And of course, as you indicate,...

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Posted in The Dark

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Good to see another chapter

Posted on Tue, 29 Aug 2017

Good to see another chapter of this!  The plot is coming along nicely.  The only reservation I have is that occasionally bits of the modern dialogue seem overwritten eg 'I think he protested that title a little too loudly' - not sure you need '...

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Posted in "Past or Present" Chapter 8

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It's whether reading the

Posted on Mon, 28 Aug 2017

It's whether reading the greats makes you despair of ever getting anywhere, or inspires you with an example of what can be achieved.  Tends to depend on the mood of the day.  

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Posted in Today's Impossible Lesson

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Beautiful imagery, and the

Posted on Wed, 23 Aug 2017

Beautiful imagery, and the lilting rhythm goes so well with the subject matter.

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Posted in Eliza

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I'm hoping this is part of

Posted on Tue, 22 Aug 2017

I'm hoping this is part of something longer, because I found it very frustrating that it ends there!  Characters are nicely set up and we really want to know how this situation is going to pan out.

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Posted in Driving to Nowhere

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So much to absorb and think

Posted on Sun, 20 Aug 2017

So much to absorb and think about in this, Elsie.  I've read it several times, and it poses a lot of questions.  I do hope your dad's funeral was what you wanted it to be.  The bit about more contact with the family made me smile - all sorts of...

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Posted in Outcomes of my Dad's recent Funeral in London

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Lovely stuff.  The bit where

Posted on Fri, 18 Aug 2017

Lovely stuff.  The bit where they come in and you want to hear all about it and they just say 'OK' because they're starving  - that really made me smile.  Always in their own time.  The reassurance of everything being as it should be, after a day...

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Posted in first day in senior school