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You want to leave a legacy?

My Dad was nearly 93 when he died recently. It was not unexpected given the combination that he was very old and was suffering from a brain tumour as...

Omar's Diary for Friday 3rd October 2017

On Sunday, Trainer Servant made a house visit and stayed for dinner. That I did not mind as he is very kind to felines like myself although I have...

We need a strong fourth estate

‘I spent a lot of time on my – farewell address talking about the state of our democracy. It goes without saying that essential to that is a free...

The bus ride

The little community bus that runs between Ringwood and Poulner had swallowed most of its passengers by the time we arrived at the stop in Meeting...

Omar's Diary for 29th December 2016 - toilet paper and model sets

Man Servant was awake and up early this morning. He even managed a short walk to the local shops which most sadly did not yield any Dreamies for me...