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Omar's Diary for Tuesday 27th December 2016 Drainage bags and nurses

I am afraid that I have been somewhat absent from the pages of social media lately. This is due to circumstances beyond my control. Man Servant, who...

Retirement - Timing is Critical

For our Christmas entertainment in 2016 we bought two DVDs. One was ‘Billy Connolly Wild Horse Tour’ and the other one was ‘I Am Bolt’. The first one...

Omar's Diary for 26th November 2016

I am not very sure what I have done wrong to deserve such rough and disrespectful handling as I have had this week. The other evening I was sitting...

Environmental paradoxes on a very local scale

One of our local papers in the New Forest area is the New Milton Advertiser and Lymington Times which has been published weekly without interruption...

Why do people want to emigrate to Europe?

My sister in law asked why people want to migrate to Europe and are prepared to live rough during a family lunch over the weekend. I could not answer...