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Ask Just One Question

The other day I pulled into a car park behind a small complex housing a medical centre, pharmacy and vets. I got out of my car and noticed a rather...

Omar's Diary 1st April 2017 - New York Times, Trump, Europe and The Lincoln

Today is the 1 st April 2017 and I am being very careful not to be fooled by any little tricks Man Servant may try on me today. This morning he has...

Is this what our politics have become?

To set the scene, I did vote Remain in the referendum on Britain's membership of the EU and fully accept the result of that vote. Itis a complete...

Two for Chelmsford for 23rd March 2017

I had a quick canter through the race card for Chelmsford for Thursday 23rd March 2017 and there are two handicaps with horses running that could be...

1500 Paces

Sometimes I can work best late at night and sometimes I can work at my best early in the morning. This one day was one of those early morning days as...